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  1. Is hurricane Matthew caused by climate change? We deplorables would like to know? Tell us the truth, did global warming cause this hurricane or only make it more intense than it otherwise would be if there was no climate change? Are there any honest and informed citizens who can answer this question with accuracy and integrity?

    1. Jonathan,
      Do you know whether or not our government is telling the truth about climate change? On a personal level, are you an honest man who tries to communicate the truth about climate change?

      1. It appears that Hurricane Matthew is just a normal hurricane that is not exceptionally intense. There is no scientific proof that climate change had any effect on Matthew. Perhaps climate change does not effect hurricanes. Mr Trump may be right about climate change. Amen.

  2. This post is another example of the consequences of the fact that academics refuse to join together to inform and educate the general public because, as Chancellor Dirks documented, “so many intellectuals don’t want to take on the sort of complications and impurities that come with being public.”

    Climate changes prove daily that the human race is at increasingly grave risk because of this cultural failure.

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