Public Lands Watch: Omnibus Appropriations

No significant new policy riders in the Omnibus Appropriations bill

Late last night, a bipartisan agreement was reached for funding the federal government through the rest of Fiscal Year 2017.  These omnibus appropriations bills often are a tool for inserting riders that impose significant restrictions on how agencies manage the public lands.  However, this year there are no new significant policy riders inserted in the appropriations bill.  We will keep you posted about what happens this fall with the appropriations process.  (You can look for yourself in the bill, all 1600+ pages of it, posted here.  The public lands section is “Division G” so you can use find to search for that section of the bill.)

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  1. The budget negotiations seem to have gone well in other respects. Only two environmental readers, neither of them earthshaking, a 1% cut in EPA, and full funding for ARPA-E. About as good as you could possibly hope for.

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