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Public Lands Watch: Omnibus Appropriations

No significant new policy riders in the Omnibus Appropriations bill

Late last night, a bipartisan agreement was reached for funding the federal government through the rest of Fiscal Year 2017.  These omnibus appropriations bills often are a tool for inserting riders that impose significant restrictions on how agencies manage the public lands.  However, this year there are no new significant policy riders inserted in the …


Ninth Circuit upholds gray wolf rider

  As expected, the Ninth Circuit has now upheld the appropriations rider that directed the Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue its rule removing the gray wolf in Montana and Idaho from the list of endangered and threatened species. (Hat tip: Endangered Species Law and Policy blog.) The panel (all drawn from the Ninth Circuit’s …


What’s in the final 2012 spending bill?

I’ve just finished plowing through H.R. 2055, the2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was signed by President Obama last week. I was curious to see how many anti-environmental riders made it into the final bill. I haven’t seen much news coverage of the details of the final bill, and the White House offered no comment when …


Good News from the Budget Negotiations?

It is, of course, absurd that the House, Senate, and White House are even negotiating about budget cuts in the midst of the Great Contraction.  But it does seem that the environmental community has gotten something of a win — at least if you believe the Senators most closely involved in the negotiations: Under intense …


Gaming Out EPA, Congress, and Climate Change

The Republican Party is not going to sit still as EPA regulates greenhouse gas emissions.  Oh yes, they and their assorted constituencies will file lawsuits, but there is a more direct way for them to go: simply attach a rider to a free-standing EPA appropriations bill forbidding it to spend any funds on regulating greenhouse gas emissions.  …