CARB Seeks to Maintain Stringency of California’s Vehicle Standards

Emmett Institute submits public comment in support of CARB’s efforts

Back in the halcyon days of 2012 when EPA, NHTSA, California, and the automakers crafted a grand bargain to adopt national vehicle emission standards, California agreed that compliance with vehicle emission standards adopted at the federal level would be “deemed to comply” with California’s standards.

Vehicles crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (ItsaWaB, pixabay)

Now, as it becomes clear that the federal government intends to go forward with its legally indefensible plan to significantly weaken those standards, CARB is considering rulemaking to ensure that California’s standards will continue to generate the emissions reductions necessary to protect Californians’ health and welfare.

Today, Ann Carlson, Cara Horowitz, Sean Hecht, and I submitted a comment letter to CARB in support of actions to maintain the current stringency of California’s vehicle emission program in the face of attempted weakening at the federal level.

California’s suite of vehicle emission standards, dubbed the Advanced Clean Cars program, substantially reduces emissions of both criteria pollutants and GHGs. These emissions reductions are crucial to meet both the state’s overall GHG reduction goals and to attain state and national health-based ambient air quality standards. Maintaining the current stringency of California’s vehicle emission program is essential to California’s ability to reduce emissions as required by both state and federal law.

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