NEWSFLASH: Pruitt Resigns

Under pressure, Pruitt finally exits EPA.

President Trump tweeted today that he had accepted Scott Pruitt’s resignation and appointed Robert Wheeler as Acting Administrator of EPA.  Wheeler is likely to be just as bad on policy and could well be more competent and effective than Pruitt. But Pruitt was a disgrace to the office, and it is good to see him gone.

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  1. Preeminent environmental experts and academics such as you and your LP colleagues now have more than enough global warming proof and proof of political corruption that jeopardizes the immediate future of the entire planet to give you the ability to inform, educate and motivate peoples around the world to demand immediate implementation of actions to protect the future of the human race today.

    1. Dear Anthony,
      The fact that Secretary Pruitt resigned is not “global warming proof” and no one can inform, educate and motivate people to implement actions to protect the human race from global warming, that’s downright silly.

      Satan controls the fate of most of the human race. Soon we will all die and our souls will either return to God or stay with Satan, it’s your choice, choose wisely old man.

      1. Thanks BQRQ, for a perfect example of the kind of rhetoric that corrupt Washington politicians use. If preeminent LP intellectuals can’t overcome that, then we most truly are doomed and the lessons of history that they keep marginalizing to our increasing peril shall be proven right one last time.

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