Senate Update

Will environmentalists have any leverage in the Senate? Here are the races to watch.

Where are we in the battle to control the Senate? I’ve posted previously about eight key races. Here are the current predictions from two leading forecasters. In every case where both candidates for these Senate seats have LCV scores, the Democrat’s score is at least 40% better than the Republican’s, and often the disparity is far greater.  So instead of using party labels, I could have called the candidates “Pro-Environment” vs. “Anti-Environment.”

Bottom line: in the individual races, almost anything could happen in November. But the Dems have to hold more seats than the Republicans to win, so they’ll need a major wave to get Senate control.


(D v. R, incumbent in bold)

Sabato Cook Political

Sinema v. McSally (predicted faceoff)

Toss-up Toss-up

Donnelly v. Brown

Toss-up Toss-up

McCaskill v. ??

Toss-up Toss-up

Tester v. Rosendale

Leans-D Likely D

Rosen v. Heller

Toss-up Toss-up
North Dakota:

Heitkamp v. Cramer

Toss-up Toss-up

Bredesen v.  Blackburn

Leans R Toss-up
West Virginia:

Manchin v. Morrisey

Toss-up Toss-up

I’ll update this table and also present more details about the environmental views of the candidates as we get closer to November.

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