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An Important Philosophical Argument

It’s a fair point:

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  1. Good one–thanks for sharing! (But we should also remember that there are evangelicals who believe in good stewardship, like John Cook of Skeptical Science and Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech.)

  2. There is an old joke circulating around the search and rescue community:

    During a flood, a truck comes by to evacuate a resident, but he refuses saying God will save him. The water rises and a boat comes by, but he refuses again, saying the same thing. He is on his roof and a helicopter comes over; same response. Finally he is drowning and he appeals to God, who says “I sent a truck, I sent a boat, I even sent a helicopter….”

  3. Climate Crisis Deniers used to drive me crazy. How to convince them of the error of their ways? But now I save my energy for doing environmental justice work, stick to solutions and not belly aching. When, and if, we save the world, it will be for all of humanity. Good grief, people! Even the Pope believes we should care for our beautiful home because it is a gift from God. However we save it and whatever our religion, it is love for our children, grandchildren and all future generations that should drive us.

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