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I’ll Just Be Over Here In My Fallout Shelter

The Green New Deal may be ambitious, but it’s not alarmist.

It would be impossible to react to every piece of misinformation or poor reporting about climate change—let alone every misguided opinion editorial—that lives online today, but Bret Stephens’ February 15 piece in the New York Times strikes me as warranting a response.  That’s not because of the clickbait title (“Is Nancy Pelosi A Climate Skeptic?” …


The Case for Carbon Austerity

Many people are worried that a high national debt imposes a burden on future generations, though not all economists agree.  But carbon emissions are also a burden on later generations — the CO2 will stay in the atmosphere many decades to come, causing damaging climate change.  If we’re worried about burdens on later generations, is …


In Climate Policy, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Moving quickly on carbon reduction could save a lot of money. A new study in Nature highlights the importance of timing in climate policy: [A]chieving the same 60% chance of success with action starting in 2020 would require a 2020 carbon price of around US$150 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) — more than double …