climate change legislation

Simple Answers to Simple Questions

After noting some positive poll results regarding climate change, Cara asks: So, can we get cracking on a clean energy and jobs bill in the Senate? No. This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.


Not-horrible climate polling news

Yes, it’s been a bad few months for climate science, as Ann wrote.  And it also hasn’t been great for Congressional climate politics.  But, finding hope where I can, I’ll seize on some good (or — at least not terrible) polling news about US support for climate action. Last week, the Yale Project on Climate …


News on the Political Front

Both the NY Times and the Washington Post had lead stories on the politics of climate change legislation.  The Post’s story centered on the increasing focus of the debate on the economic impact of climate legislation and on the difficulty of establishing the facts: In anticipation, groups on the left and the right — as …


A Rare Example of Bipatisanship

In yesterday’s New York Times, John Kerry and Lindsay Graham wrote a joint op-ed about climate change.  They agree that climate change is real, that the U.S. must cut its dependence on foreign oil, that we should not allow China or other countries to dominate the market for renewable energy technologies.  They also agree that …


The Kennedy seat

It may be gauche to admit to worrying about this so soon after Ted Kennedy’s death, but the conversations have already begun: How much harder will it be to get to 60 votes on healthcare reform and, more relevant here, climate change legislation without his seat filled?  Massachusetts procedures for finding a new senator, and …