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Environmental Property Rights (Part IV)

Environmental property rights, such as tradable permits, conservation trusts, and the public trust doctrine, can change the constitutional landscape of environmental law.


Conference Webcast – The Environment and the Constitution

*Webcast is archived for later viewing, if you didn’t catch the live event. On February 26, 2010.  9:00 a.m. –  5:30 p.m.webcast of (EST), you can attend the Environmental Protection in the Balance: Citizens, Courts, and the Constitution at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC. Today, the most important environmental law and policy disputes are …


An Invitation to Explore the Connections Between Constitutional & Environmental Law

These days, more and more of the most important environmental law disputes arise in the crucible of constitutional law.  Preemption, the Dormant Commerce Clause, the foreign powers doctrine, constitutional principles of standing to sue and the separation of powers doctrine are all doctrines of constitutional law that have been invoked in much of the most …