Ed Glaeser

The Very Hungry City

No — not a children’s book for an urban environmentalist.  A grown-up book published just yesterday for anyone interested in urban environmentalism, by the University of Vermont’s Austin Troy.  Here’s the blurb from the publisher (Yale): As global demand for energy grows and prices rise, a city’s energy consumption becomes increasingly tied to its economic …


Anti-Urbanism in American Life: The Case of the Passport

For Thanksgiving, I was in Montreal for a family event, which was a little funny, since Canadian Thanksgiving went by about six weeks ago.  But it did give me an opportunity to see a strange tick in one part of America’s self-conception. Take a look at your US passport.  In the section for visas, you …


The Golden Anniversary of Death and Life

I’m happily addicted to audiobooks.  Anyone from Los Angeles really should be, because getting the best ones means that a traffic jam isn’t a waste of time: it’s just an opportunity to read a few more chapters!  And even those with short commutes could profitable make their way through lots of good books if they …