Elena Kagan

What We Know About Kagan and the Environment

Basically, the answer is “nothing.”  Nada.  Zip. I thought about leaving the body of this post blank in order to communicate that, but I figured that would simply look like I’d pushed the “publish” button by mistake. Anyway, it’s not quite true that we know nothing at all. Actually, there are a few tiny straws …


…in which I become petty and backbiting — sort of

Elena Kagan might not be the greatest scholar in the world — and that might be why President Obama appoints her to the Supreme Court.


Let’s Not Play the Blame Game Here.

I feel that it is important to take a clear position regarding Jonathan’s post this morning, which related to an alleged comment attributed by the press to me regarding a potential Supreme Court appointment. Candor is critical. Were mistakes made? Yes. Have we taken corrective action?  Yes. The staff member responsible for the alleged comment …


SCOTUS Sweepstakes!

With the retirement of the 89-year-old John Paul Stevens, looking imminent, it’s time for the Great Mentioner to, well, start mentioning.  Legal Planet’s own great mentioner, Dan Farber, commenting at TPM about the possibility of Solicitor General Elena Kagan getting the nod, observes “It would be hard for Republicans to explain how they voted to …