The Endangered Species Act in the Supreme Court: Oral Argument Today in Weyerhaeuser v. US Fish & Wildlife Service

Post-Argument Panel at Georgetown Law Will Feature Advocates

Oral argument in Weyerhaeuser v. U.S, Fish & Wildlife Service is this morning, the first day (and first argument) of the new Supreme Court term. The Court will be short-handed, with only eight Justices hearing the case.  I’ll be attending the argument and speaking on a post-argument panel at Georgetown Law School, along with other advocates …


Lisa Heinzerling to EPA

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has appointed Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling to be her chief advisor on climate change.  Heinzerling was editor-in-chief of the University of Chicago Law Review and clerked for Judge Richard Posner.  She co- authored Priceless, a critique of cost benefit analysis,  and also wrote the lead brief for the plaintiffs in …