Lisa Heinzerling to EPA

Lisa Heinzerling
Lisa Heinzerling

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has appointed Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling to be her chief advisor on climate change.  Heinzerling was editor-in-chief of the University of Chicago Law Review and clerked for Judge Richard Posner.  She co- authored Priceless, a critique of cost benefit analysis,  and also wrote the lead brief for the plaintiffs in Massachusetts v. EPA, the Supreme Court opinion on climate change.   This is a welcome appointment from the point of view of environmentalists.

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  1. The appointment makes a lot of sense, as Heinzerling and the new administration appear to have been very much on the same page for some time. I invite you to check out the article we posted on Tuesday on, noting the striking similarities between the suggested action items in Heinzerling’s Michigan Law Review article (“A Climate Agenda for the New President”) from 2008, and the actions taken by the Obama administration in his first week in office.

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