Heartland Institute

Murderers, Tyrants, Global Warming and the Heartland Institute

The image to the left is not a joke.  It’s instead part of a just-cancelled Heartland Institute campaign — cancelled after howls of protests, including from a climate skeptic who refused to participate in a Heartland event if it went forward.  The Unabomber billboard showed up on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago (home of the …


Monsieur Fouche, Meet Professor Gleick

By now, Peter Gleick’s ethical indiscretions concerning the Heartland Institute are old news.  But for lawyers, they raise particularly interesting ethical issues because they highlight the question of really, whether there were ethical barriers broached at all. I initially thought that this was obviously the case: someone in my profession would get disbarred for doing …


Peter Gleick and the Heartland Institute Expose

Jonathan focused last week, appropriately in my view, on the ethics of the way in which Peter Gleick got documents from the climate-denying Heartland Institute.  His conclusion is that as a scientist Gleick’s deceptions to get the documents were unethical. A new column in The Guardian comes out in the opposite place, arguing that Gleick …


Peter Gleick, the Heartland Institute, and Scientific Ethics

  The Heartland Institute is a climate denial shop well-funded by fossil fuel interests and standard right-wing extremist foundations, which has underwritten attacks on climate scientists and has plans to disrupt authentic climate science education in K-12 classrooms.  Peter Gleick is one of the most respected scientific researchers in the world, who has done extremely …