history of environmental law

Then and Now

How has environmental law changed in the last 38 years? A lot … and not that much.

I recently happened to remember a funny incident from 1980. The first edition of what was then the Findley & Farber casebook went to the publisher in October of 1980.  I remember vividly encountering a colleague in the hallway who asked cheerily if the book had gone to the printer. When I said yes, he …


Russell Train (1920-2012)

We are saddened by the new of the death of Russell Train earlier today.  Mr. Train headed the Council on Environmental Quality under Nixon and later EPA under Ford.  He represented a happier time when environmental protection was a bipartisan goal. Mr. Train’s father had served Herbert Hoover as an aide. He was a judge …


When We Found the Right Words

It’s hard to talk about something if you don’t have the right words to designate it easily.  So it’s interesting to look for the first appearance for some of the key words in the legal literature.  Presumably, this words were in non-legal use a bit earlier, but their first use in law reviews tells us …