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Bottoms-Up! An Emerging New Governance System (3)

Bottom-up strategies can ultimately pave the road for stronger international agreement.

It is difficult to measure the extent of positive feedback between climate initiatives. But it seems evident that such feedback does exist. A major climate initiative in one jurisdiction seems to encourage climate action elsewhere. This makes climate action a more appealing prospect for any individual jurisdiction, because by acting it can increase climate actions …


Another Batch of Free On-Line Classes

In case, the headline is misleading: no, we don’t give credit to on-line viewers.  Maybe someday soon Berkeley Law will get into the distance education business, but not yet.  So you won’t get credit, but you’ll still learn a lot. Law 271.71 – International Environmental Law – Cymie Payne (Spring 2009):|2009-B-49985&semesterid=2009-B Law 272.1 – …