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The story behind today’s energy efficient lighting and a forgotten episode in the culture wars.

The conservative fight to save an obsolete lighting technology – the incandescent bulb — has something to tell us about current environmental disputes and the nature of culture wars.


Why is Each Sequel Worse Than the Last?

Some movie franchises last way too long: Friday the 13th, Rocky, Nightmare on Elm Street.  Each new film is worse than the last, and they’re all worse than the original, which wasn’t so great itself.  The GOP war on energy=efficient light bulbs has the same characteristic — you wish someone would just drive a stake through …


Attack of the Dim Bulbs (A Dismayingly On-Going Series)

And the government would have banned Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Oh yeah, Obama’s regulators actually did just that. That was Governor Romney on March 19.  I hope he was more careful with the facts when he worked for Bain. If not, he would have cost lost a lot of money, not to mention the liability …


Congressional Dim Bulbs at Work Again

The House of Representatives is continuing its campaign to increase electricity bills, harm a domestic industry, and create regulatory uncertainty. According to E&E, the House appropriations bill “Eliminating funding for light bulb efficiency standards is especially poor policy as it would leave the policy in place but make it impossible to enforce, undercutting domestic manufacturers …


Attack of the Dim Bulbs

The country may be flirting with deadbeat status and risking another financial meltdown, but some people keep their eyes on the prize — they know what’s really important. The House of Representatives yesterday voted on the BULB Act, repealing the federal mandate to increase the energy efficiency of light bulbs. (The bill was considered so …


Dim Bulbs (The Sequel)

I did a post last November about the surprising tea party anger regarding energy-efficient light bulbs.  The furor seems to be continuing.  Here are some quotes from Republican Senators courtesy of EE News: “People in Idaho are just astonished that the federal government is telling them what kind of light bulb to put in their …