Meg Whitman

Hear Sean on KCRW discussing tonight’s California gubernatorial debate

The last of the Meg Whitman / Jerry Brown debates is happening tonight and promises to be a doozie (& not just because of the recent uproar over name-calling).  By all accounts the election remains up in the air, with much at stake for environmental regulation in California (see here and here, e.g.).  For post-debate …


WWWD (What Will Whitman Do) on Proposition 23 and AB 32? Whitman’s Seeing Green for the General Election

There’s renewed attention today on both AB 32 — California’s sweeping climate change legislation — and Proposition 23, the initiative that would derail it (see Rick’s post here about several state AGs considering suing to overturn AB 32 as unconstitutional and his post here about Berkelely’s study concluding, basically, that Prop 23 is a bad …


Meg Whitman and the Environment

I thought it would be useful to review the environmental positions of the key candidates in California.  My goal is to be informative rather than evaluative.  I’m beginning with Meg Whitman. She’s not exactly “Ms. Environment.”  In an op. ed last year, Meg Whitman (the GOP gubernatorial candidate) called for a suspension of AB32, as …


Meg Whitman Would Suspend AB 32

In a rather stunning and little-noticed op ed last week, California GOP gubernetorial candidate Meg Whitman — former CEO of EBay – called on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to suspend the implementation of AB 32.  Her rationale?  To create jobs in California.  AB 32, also known as the Global Warming Solutions Act, cuts California’s greenhouse gas emissions …