We Forgot The Horse!

It’s been a while since we discussed Great Environmental Songs.  But we missed an important one. In 1972, when I was seven, if your radio was not playing Don McLean’s “American Pie,” it was playing “Horse With No Name” by a new band called “America” — a somewhat ironic name since the band was in …


City of Light – City of Magic

While writing yesterday about Charles Haar’s work as a special master on the Boston Harbor cleanup, it occurred to me that in our list of great environmental songs, we (although not our commenters) missed an obvious one: The Standells’ Dirty Water, which of course is all about that: [youtube] It might not be the best …


“Please Don’t Murder Me”

Musical accompaniment to Justin’s post below.  “I cut my deck to the Queen of Spades, but the cards were all the same”: [youtube]   More information here.


More on Great Environmental Songs

Two more great environmental songs: or is one of them an ANTI-environmental song?


Even more green songs

Okay, if Jonathan and Tim are going to go there, I feel compelled to follow up as a former performing musician. Plus, someone has to mention a song written after 1974. Here are mine: 10. “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. Yes, I know, but the guy did just die, and this song is as explicitly …


Legal Planet Top 10 List

No, not top 10 posts, silly.  That’s boring.  I mean that Top 10, except with a Legal Planet twist, to wit; What are the Top 10 Environmental Pop Songs of all time? My initial nominee is The Pretenders’ classic “My City Was Gone,” which is known more for its infectious bass guitar hook, but is …