Legal Planet Top 10 List

No, not top 10 posts, silly.  That’s boring.  I mean that Top 10, except with a Legal Planet twist, to wit;

What are the Top 10 Environmental Pop Songs of all time?

My initial nominee is The Pretenders’ classic “My City Was Gone,” which is known more for its infectious bass guitar hook, but is actually an anthem about urban sprawl and smart growth.  (Really: read the lyrics).

The biggest problem with this nomination is that Rush limbaugh uses it as his  theme song music.  Wikipedia says that Chrissie Hynde demanded that he stop, but then agreed to let him continue as long as he donated the usual royalties to PETA.  Uh, Chrissie — you might want to reconsider that.

Earlier today, I asked two Legal Planet colleagues who shall remain nameless (for now) about their nominees, and they could think of any.  That’s right: none.  I trust that our readers can do better.

Any ideas?  Big Yellow Taxi is ruled out of order on the grounds of avoiding egregious cliches.