Proposition 21

Funny, It Doesn’t Look Bluish

The initial results in California last night make it seem like a sane drop of blue in the country.  Jerry Brown won for Governor; Barbara Boxer was re-elected; and Proposition 23, which would have reversed the state’s landmark climate change law, was resoundingly defeated.  Voters also approved Proposition 25, which allows the state budget to be …


Why Republicans Should Support Proposition 21

In my lonely quest to get people interested in Proposition 21, I’ve written other posts about it, and tried to answer objections.  But one objection, usually offered by Republicans, deserves a closer look, because addressing it means that Republicans should vote for Proposition 21 even if one accepts their premises about the Legislature and the …


Nudging State Parks

The Sacramento Bee comes through with another essential backgrounder on Proposition 21.  Among the takeaway points: *The parks have a $1 billion maintenance backlog; *Nationwide experts consider the California system to be the nation’s most endangered; *Among those 10 states with the nation’s biggest systems, only California and Massachusetts lack a dedicated funding source. The …


The Hypocrites Fighting Proposition 21

California’s Proposition 21 would add a paltry $18 to the state’s vehicle license fee, and provide $500 million a year to the state’s park system.  This would vastly augment its budget, and help clear a $1.3 billion maintenance backlog.  It also would eliminate parking and user fees for the parks.  Who could be against that? Well, …


Yes on Proposition 21

Proposition 21 on next month’s California ballot seems like a pretty easy call: it would raise the state’s Vehicle License Fee by $18, with the money being dedicated to the state’s park system (it would also end parking and user fees to enjoy those parks).  That system remains one of the nation’s best but is …