Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

On the Irrelevance of Doha: The Demand for an Absence of International Regimes

Just compare for a moment the high expectations around Copenhagen in 2009 and the obscurity of Doha today, and you can quickly get a sense of the basic contemporary irrelevance of UN bodies in the creation of climate policy.  (At the New York Times website as of this writing, Doha doesn’t even merit a mention …


Rethinking Job Searches for Environmental Lawyers

A couple of people have written to me wondering why I posted the RGGI job.  It isn’t really a law or a policy position, they say: really more like a glorified administrative assistant.  I don’t read it that way, but there are two ways to respond to the complaint, with the second one providing some …



As long as we’re at it, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has posted an announcement for a potentially important job opportunity: RGGI, Inc. seeks to hire a program coordinator to support the implementation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cooperative effort of Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the …


Another Sane Conservative on Climate

Nancy Stiles is the new Republican State Senator from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  She believes in low government spending and decentralization.  Libertarians like her. But importantly, she seems to have not been infected with the climate denial crazy of many in her party.  While Republicans in the state Assembly have voted to have New Hampshire secede …