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Rick Santorum: The Second-Most Anti-Environmental Candidate

This is one of a series of posts describing presidential candidate’s views.  I didn’t cover Santorum earlier because his poll numbers were so low, but that has obviously changed. Santorum’s website does not have a page dedicated to energy or environment but does make a number of pledges: Rick Santorum is committed to reviving our …


Ron Paul: The Most Anti-Environmental Candidate Ever

We already tried Ron Paul’s environmental approach, and it didn’t work. This is more or less where the law stood fifty years ago. The result then was massive air and water pollution, and that’s where Ron Paul would take us back to.


Newt is Yet Another Mind-Changing Republican Candidate Climate Denier

This climate change ad, posted today in a  Salon piece on Newt Gingrich and his “enviornmentalism problem,” is a must watch: [youtube=] Yes,  newly declared Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich appeared with Nancy Pelosi in a 2008 youtube video  to argue that we must do something about climate change.  But more recently he’s backed away from …