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Can the Supreme Court Provide Just Desserts?

Time for Different Flavors of Legal Reasoning

Ben and Jerry’s flavor honoring Stephen Colbert — “Americone Dream” — has been so successful, people are coming with other ideas. Tania Lambrozio gets lawyers into the act with her nomination: “Ruth Bader Ginger.” I’ve never actually had ginger ice cream, although I love ginger bread, so maybe it could work. Now there is a petition …


Stephen Colbert is a National Treasure

Like Tom Tomorrow.   Click here for his must watch clip from Monday’s show.—the-new-abnormal Colbert nails conservative views on climate change.  First, deny.  Second, when the facts belie denial, accept but refuse to acknowledge human contributions.  Finally, throw up your hands and say that even if it’s human-caused we can’t do anything about it …