Why Don’t Californians Talk About Politics?

That was the question posed by a Zocalo forum this evening here in Los Angeles.  I wasn’t there — I was actually at my daughter’s school’s ice cream social, talking with other parents about politics, actually.  But had I been at the forum, I would have mentioned one partial theory that a friend of mine, …


Why the San Fernando Valley Ruined Everything

Jonathan is right that the San Fernando Valley is trying its best to maximize the land use around its two subway stations, considering the slow pace of legalizing these developments.  But part of my problem with the extension of the subway to the San Fernando Valley is not just the land use around the two …


Don’t Give Up on the San Fernando Valley!

Ethan is surely right when he notes that MetroRail ridership in the San Fernando Valley: 1) isn’t as high as it should be; and 2) this results in part from a lack of leadership on land use.  But I wouldn’t write the Valley off just yet. First, recall that there are only two Valley stations …


10 Wasted Years of Subway Service to the San Fernando Valley

The Source, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s in-house blog, proudly links to an article on the ten-year anniversary of the opening of Red Line subway service to the San Fernando Valley from Hollywood. Blogger Fred Camino notes that ridership on the route is well below initial projections (153,000 daily boardings compared to a hoped …