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NIMBYs Gone Wild!!

New Proposed Initiative Would Make Los Angeles a BANANA Republic

Los Angeles is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis: the city’s renters pay on average nearly half of their disposable income on rent alone. This threatens the city’s social and economic health: you simply cannot have a great city and hollow out its middle class. But NIMBYs never rest, and in the midst …


Driven Past Endurance

This is probably not the best time to talk about the social cost of driving, given that many readers are probably planning to drive to see family.  But no one is saying that you should never drive anywhere — just that reducing driving has some positive benefits. The math is simple.  The environmental impact of …


Good News for Air, Climate, Traffic?

Two recent interesting and potentially related articles in the LA Times  suggest an encouraging trend.  California drivers are consuming less gasoline, a trend that began in 2006.  And U.S. car buyers may begin to look more like European consumers, buying smaller, more fuel efficient cars and keeping those cars longer. As the Times reports in …