New and Noteworthy from the Ecology Law Quarterly

The latest issue of ELQ — full content available free here — is  centered on two broad themes: 1)  learning from other states, countries and international experiences and 2) the failures of administrative law as an environmental management tool.

The issue includes the following articles:

* The Transformation of Modern Administrative Law: Changing Administrations and Environmental Guidance Documents  by Sam Kalen

*Synthesizing TSCA and REACH: Practical Principles for Chemical Regulation Reform by John Applegate

* Environmental Leadership Programs: Toward an Empirical Assessment of Their Performance, by Jonathan C. Borck, Cary Coglianese, Jennifer Nash

* Goblets of Fire: Regulation of Global Warming Amid Potential Impediments Under the U.S. Constitution by Steven Ferrey

* Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading In New Zealand: Trailblazing Comprehensive Cap And Trade
byToni Moye

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