New Issue of Ecology Law Quarterly is Available On-Line

  • Creating Flexibility in Interstate Compacts Emily Jeffers Read Article (PDF)
  • Environmental Conservation Organization v. City of Dallas Creates Unnecessary Burdens for Citizen Suits under the Clean Water Act Catherine Mongeon Read Article (PDF)
  • Making Snow in the Desert: Defining a Substantial Burden under RFRA Jonathan Knapp Read Article (PDF)
  • Taking a Hard Look at Agency Science: Can the Courts Ever Succeed? Sara A. Clark Read Article (PDF)
  • Lack of Deference: The Ninth Circuit’s Misstep in NRDC v. EPA Adam Trott Read Article (PDF)
  • Realizing Judicial Substantive Due Process in Land Use Claims: The Role of Land Use Statutory Schemes Nisha Ramachandran Read Article (PDF)
  • Who Can Enforce the Endangered Species Act’s Command for Federal Agencies to Carry Out Conservation Programs? Sara Gersen Read Article (PDF)
  • EPA’s Fuzzy Bright Line Approach to Residual Risk Alex Jackson Read Article (PDF)
  • Risky Business: Barriers to Rationality in Congress Rachel R. Jones Read Article (PDF)
  • Consideration of Alternatives in Environmental Impact Reports: The Importance of CEQA’s Procedural Requirements Sara Wimberger Read Article (PDF)
  • The Difficulty of Fencing in Interstate Emissions: EPA’s Clean Air Interstate Rule Fails to Make Good Neighbors Harry Moren Read Article (PDF

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