GOP Will Filibuster the PACE Bill, Unless…

Let's Destroy the Environment!

A prediction: the Republicans will filibuster Mike Thompson’s bill concerning PACE once it gets to the Senate.  At this point, the Republicans (led by Senator Mitch McConnell, pictured right) are simply uninterested in principles or policy.  That’s particular true in the shadow of the upcoming midterms: stopping the bill will simply be another way to frustrate any voters who care about such things, and they will take out their frustrations on the “governing” party, even though that party is the one that is advancing their interests.

There is, however, one way around this, I think: have Thompson’s legislation enacted as an appropriations rider, forbidding the Federal Housing Finance Agency from spending any funds to defend its position or in any way enforce its anti-PACE position.  Appropriations bills can be filibustered, but unless the GOP wants to shut down the government before elections (which I don’t think they will), they will allow the appropriations bill containing FHFA monies to go through.

This is especially true because FHFA is an independent agency, and the appropriations bill for independent agencies is usually combined with the appropriations bill for the Veterans’ Administration.  The Republicans have been able to get away with a lot during this Congress, but I don’t think they would want to shut down the VA.

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