Berkeley Law/CLEE Publish White Paper on Efforts to Suspend California’s AB 32

Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE) has today published, “California at the Crossroads: Proposition 23, AB 32 and Climate Change.” This white paper is intended to provide an objective, non-partisan analysis of California Proposition 23, an initiative measure that will appear on California’s November 2nd general election ballot. If enacted, Proposition 23 would suspend implementation of California’s well-known AB 32, the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.”

CLEE’s newly-issued white paper concludes that Proposition 23, if enacted by California voters, would create substantial legal uncertainty, reduce California state revenues, and jeopardize the state’s burgeoning clean energy industry along with related, clean energy jobs. The report also concludes that passage of Proposition 23 would slow California’s landmark efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and could have a domino effect on climate change efforts in other states.

Authors of the CLEE white paper include Director of Berkeley Law’s Environmental Program, Professor Dan Farber, CLEE Executive Director Richard Frank, Associate Director Steve Weissman, and CLEE research Fellow Ethan Elkind. U.C. Berkeley Professor of Environmental Economics Michael Hanemann and Professor of Energy Daniel Kammen were also key contributors to the report. Berkeley Law’s press release announcing publication of the CLEE white paper may be found here.

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