Name That CEQA Plaintiff!

The recent environmental justice lawsuit on AB 32 carried with it a typical CEQA characteristic: the plaintiff is a community organization formed for the purpose of a lawsuit whose name is usually a play on the issue.  Thus, this case was Association of Irritated Residents v. CARB: “AIR,” get it?

Cute.  But not even close to my favorite.  That would have to be the group formed to file a lawsuit concerning the “Pocket” district of Sacramento, called — of course — the Pocket Protectors.  I don’t think you can beat that one.

Others that come to mind are “Santa Margarita Area Residents Together”, which sued San Luis Obispo, thus leading to SMART v. SLO (actually an important case concerning the validity of development agreements).  Another attempt, which was really trying too hard in my view, was the group calling itself “A Local And Regional Monitor” — ALARM.

I once asked the attorney who represented the Pocket Protectors what she thought of the name.  “That’s half the reason I took the case!” she responded.

Any other good ones I missed?