Red Mitt, Blue Mitt, Old Mitt, New Mitt

Red fish, blue fish

Mitt was once the governor of a Blue state.  Now he’s appealing to voters in Red states. Perhaps it’s no surprise that New Mitt’s views are the opposite of Old Mitt’s views.

A NY Times editorial this morning highlights Romney’s changes of position and just how far right he has moved on environment and energy issues:

The man who once worried about climate-driven sea-level rise in poor countries like Bangladesh now says things like “My view is that we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet,” as if mainstream science were wrong and humans had nothing to do with it.

On coal, the governor who once stood in front of a Massachusetts coal-fired power plant and said, “that plant kills people,” recently whirled through Craig, Colo., talking up coal and accusing President Obama of making it “harder to get coal out of the ground.”


Romney makes very little pretense that reflection or new information have changed his mind.  Rather, he seems genuinely lacking any core convictions.  Maybe that makes him the ideal politician.


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