The Top Ten Reasons Trump Should Endorse a Carbon Tax

A bold move, if Trump is brave enough to go there.

Not that he’s asked for my advice, but here are ten powerful reasons why Donald Trump should endorse a carbon tax:

10.  It would be completely inconsistent with his past positions.

9.    It would shock the GOP establishment.

8.    It would shock the media.

7.    He’s already endorsed a tax increase for the rich, so why not?

6.    It could allow reductions in other taxes, which he favors to increase growth.

5.     He could mock Fox News for its opposition.

4.    He could mock Jeb Bush for his opposition.

3.     He could mock Megan Kelly for her opposition.

2.     He’s in real estate, not fossil fuels, so hey, no problem!

1.     It would stun the Democrats into silence.


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