Hanging in the Balance: The Future of Environmental Law

10 huge questions that will be answered today.

By tomorrow morning, we should know a lot more about the future of environmental law — maybe, whether it has any future.  We’ll certainly learn whether the U.S. will give up the fight against global warming.  Whichever way you vote matters!

Here are ten key questions we will be able to answer 24 hours from now:

  1. Will the U.S. honor its pledge or will it tear up its promises under the Paris Agreement?
  2. Will EPA’s climate change initiatives be supported or killed by the next President?
  3. Will federal wetlands protection be maintained or drastically curtailed?
  4. Will the U.S. continue to regulate toxic emissions by power plants or will it allow toxics to protect the coal industry?
  5. Will sensitive areas offshore remain off-limits or will more of our oceans be opened to drilling?
  6. Will the Supreme Court support or undermine environmental protection?
  7. Will mountaintop mining be regulated or will destruction of these mountains resume?
  8.  Will the government continue to protect health and safety or will it repeal 70% of all existing regulations?
  9. Will the government support renewable energy or instead favor coal?
  10. Will the President be someone who thinks it is an urgent crisis or one who thinks climate change is a hoax?

The stakes are tremendous.  If you haven’t done so already, find the time today to vote. The world awaits the verdict.

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  1. Speaking of Tipping Points, what could be worse for our future existence than the results of the US Presidential election.

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