There Once Was a Man From Trump Tower . . .

Some commentary of a lighter sort.

Here are a few diversions for a warm summer morning.  I hope you enjoy them.


A Man Called Scott Pruitt

There once was a man called Scott Pruitt,

Who said, “Why, there’s nothing to it!

“You undo all the regs,

“Cut them off at the legs,

And tell all the polluters, ‘go to it!’”


The Man From Trump Tower

There once was a man from Trump Tower,

Who longed to have absolute power.

All budgets he’d slash,

And the planet he’d trash,

And the oceans with acid he’d sour.


A Man Named Paul Ryan

There once was a man named Paul Ryan,

For whom, de-regulation was Zion,

Emissions limits he hated,

Lest coal be frustrated,

And his loadstar was someone called Ayn.


The Fellow Named Mitch

There once was a fellow named Mitch,

Whose campaign coffers grew rich,

His passion for coal,

Had devoured his soul,

Leaving only a faint smell of pitch.


Trump Administration

There once was an Administration,

Whose policies caused consternation,

To turn back the clock,

And cause liberals shock,

Were their highest goals for the nation.



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2 Replies to “There Once Was a Man From Trump Tower . . .”

  1. Dan, what you dreamed up here might be considered cute, but Trump is the greatest threat to our environment and future quality of life on this planet today, along with the most destructive power of money that he is a role model for.

    As you are aware more than I, any more delays to prevent us from reversing the growth of the Keeling Curve, at this most threatening of time so far, is totally unacceptable to even consider joking about it.

    Many times I have been extremely frustrated by our constant failures to explain, educate and motivate people to demand actions to protect us from ourselves, but am totally unable to give up. Some of Keeling’s colleagues tried to force him to give up so they could steal his funding from him, Thank God he didn’t, but we continue to fail to follow in his footsteps.

    I do know beyond all doubt, due to out of control climate changes we are experiencing, that if we don’t learn to communicate and cooperate today then we are no better than lemmings going over a cliff.

    Please motivate your colleagues around the world to motivate us like many of you do in your classrooms.

    1. A root cause of our failures to protect the future of our civilization was recently defined by Neil deGrasse Tyson:

      “We think of education all too often as, a student walks into a classroom with an empty mind and then you pour stuff into the head, and now they’re educated — And at no time are you actually trained how to think, how to analyze, how to process information, how to judge information.”

      This is why we fail to communicate and cooperate, even if it causes the destruction of our future.

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