The Green MAGA-Deal Goes Public!

It’s something no one expected, and for good reason.

There were gasps of astonishment when Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Bernie Sanders took the stage together.  The gasps turned into stunned silence as Trump began to speak.  The trio were there, Trump said, to announce something HUGE, something no one ever expected: the world’s biggest plan for climate action.

Trump began by denouncing the media for portraying him as weak on climate change, calling himself the “greatest climate president since Abraham Lincoln.”  He turned the microphone over to Bernie Sanders to give the details of the $14 trillion plan.  One key component was a “wall of sunshine from sea to shining sea” — a 3000 mile chain of solar panels and transmission lines.  McConnell then promised unanimous Republican support in the Senate.

As stunned silence turned into wild applause, Trump announced that he would be available after the event to sign copies of his new book, The Art of the Green MAGA-Deal.  Commemorative T-shirts and coffee mugs will also be available on his website.

It’s an April 1 to remember.  Or it would have been, if it had actually happened.

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  1. Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Thanks for all the interesting work you and the rest of the LegalPlanet team post here,

  2. Love it! First thing I did was recheck the calendar. Thanks for the humor – along with the always-relevant perspectives from Legal Planet

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