Clean Air Act

CO2 and the Clean Air Act

New EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has granted the Sierra Club’s petition to reconsider a memorandum issued by outgoing Administrator Stephen Johnson in December. Almost two years after the Supreme Court declared, in Massachusetts v. EPA, that CO2 is an “air pollutant” for purposes of the Clean Air Act, this announcement, paired with the decision to …


The Bush Legacy

The New York Times has a story this morning that tries to summarize Bush’s environmental legacy.  As the story points out, there are positive notes, like the diesel regulations and the last-minute designation of marine sanctuaries.  Yet, the overall message is negative.  The Bush Administration will largely be remembered as a time of environmental setbacks …


Delay on marine engines upheld

In the latest round in a long-running battle, the D.C. Circuit has upheld EPA’s foot-dragging on regulation of emissions from large marine diesel engines against a challenge brought by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District, and Friends of the Earth.  Large ships are major sources of air pollution …


Quote of the Day

“We have long suspected that the new administration would stress environmental enforcement activities at a faster clip than the last administration, and I think we’re seeing that,” said Scott Segal, director of the Electric Reliability Coordinating Council, which represents utilities. The quote referred to DOJ’s filing of an enforcement action involving new source standards.


Obama and Climate Change

The Obama Administration will face hard regulatory choices on climate change almost immediately.