Climate Adaptation

Gleick’s New Water Blog

Readers with an interest in water issues should take a look at Peter Gleick‘s new blog with the SF Chronicle.  Gleick is the head of the Pacific Institute — and, I’m happy to say, an ERG graduate.


New GAO Report on Adaptation

GAO has released an important report on adaptation.  This is a subject that is just beginning to get the attention it deserves. Key findings: The challenges faced by federal, state, and local officials in their efforts to adapt fell into three categories, based on GAO’s analysis of questionnaire results, site visits, and available studies. First, …


New Report on Infrastructure at Risk

Resources for the Future, one of the least partisan of Washington think tanks, has issued a new report entitled Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response – Public Infrastructure by James E. Neumann and Jason C. Price.   The report makes three major recommendations for how to improve infrastructure planning in light of climate change: …


Climate Mitigation and U.S. Self-Interest

Jody Freeman and my colleague Andrew Guzman have posted an important paper, “Sea Walls are Not Enough.” The paper is particularly significant because Jody is now a senior White House advisor on climate policy.  The gist of the paper is this: We demonstrate that even if one accepts that the premises of the climate change …