endangerment finding

Would a CO2 “monkey trial” improve scientific integrity and transparency?

As reported in the L.A. Times and Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has petitioned EPA to hold a trial-type hearing before finalizing its proposed finding that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare. (We blogged about the proposed endangerment finding here.) The main argument in the petition is that a formal …


Waxman Markey, the Clean Air Act and State Climate Legislation

As I suggested last week, the prospects for the Waxman-Markey bill passing Congress this term don’t seem particularly high.  President Obama is expending significant political capital on health care reform.  The Senate is occupied with the Sotomayor Supreme Court hearings.  And the politics of climate legislation may be even tougher in the Senate than in …


Ragging on Climate Change

OMB’s memo exhibits shocking disregard of or ignorance of the law.


Oh What A Difference A President Makes

We’re not even 85 days into the Obama Administration and yet the signs of environmental change are all around us.  The EPA announced today its  formal determination under the Clean Air Act that greenhouse gases are pollutants that endanger public health and welfare.  This is only the latest in a string of announcements that show just how quickly Obama is …