More on the Bush-era greenhouse gas endangerment recommendation

The release of documents discussed in Holly’s post ends the story of one of the more ridiculous of the last Administration’s unceasing efforts to delay climate change regulation.  Scientists and policymakers at EPA had concluded that greenhouse gases were a danger to the public and should be regulated under the Clean Air Act.  They sent an email, with accompanying memo, to the White House saying so.   Rather than deal with the substance of the message and its consequences, the White House took an easier route: It refused to open the email.

The episode was splashed across the pages of the Washington Post and lampooned, hilariously, by Jon Stewart (if you haven’t seen Stewart’s great clip, or you have seen it but are beginning to forget what life was like pre-Obama, treat yourself).

Here’s a link to the infamous unopened email and its 28-page attachment that is not password-protected.

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