regulatory reform

Five Ideas for Regulatory Reformers

Duke is hosting a conference on Monday (10-4 ET) about conservative approaches to environmental protection.  (livestream here).  Here are a few ideas to throw into the mix:


How Worried Are Small Businesses About Environmental Regulation?

We’re heard a lot recently about the supposedly dire effect of environmental regulations on small businesses. A recent poll of small business owners by George Washington University using the Thumbtack site has some interesting findings about this. One of the questions in the survey was, “How important are the following issues to the success of …


Party Differences on Energy and Environment: A Side-by-Side Comparison

After I posted a description of the Republican platform, a reader suggested that a side-by-side comparison would be helpful when the Democratic Platform came out.  Here it is, presented as objectively as I could. Subject Democratic Platform Republican Platform Regulatory reform Give president power to reorganize agencies.   Congressional approval required for all major rules. …


The GOP Platform & the Environment

With some effort, I was able to find full text of the platform. Not surprisingly, the basic thrust is to relax limits on industry.   The energy provisions correspond to Romney’s recent proclamations — more drilling in more places, less regulation of coal, etc.  On the environment, the basic message is that current regulations are …


Why Critics Should Stop Bashing EPA (And What They Should Talk About Instead)

Bashing EPA is apparently a good political tactic, at least if you’re in a red state, but it’s also a smokescreen — what is presented as an attack on the agency is actually an attack on the mission assigned by Congress. In terms of carrying out the mission, EPA is no different than the Defense …