Is EVERYTHING Related to Climate Change?

I don’t want to seem obsessed with a single issue, so I keep trying to come up with topics that have absolutely no relationship with climate change.   But I can’t seem to find any.

The fact is that energy is such an integral part of our economy that almost all activities connect one way or another with energy use and hence (in a carbon-based economy) with climate change.  Here are some examples chosen more or less at random:

Women’s fashions. Because fashions change, women  buy more clothes than they would otherwise need.  That means producing more fabric, processing it and shipping it — all of which takes energy. Not to mention the advertising.

Divorce. Divorce splits households.  Smaller households are less energy efficient (the ratio of surface are for losing or gaining heat to volume is less favorable).  So divorce is bad for the planet.

Organized sports. Large numbers of people taking otherwise unnecessary trips to stadiums, often in cars.  Need I say more?

Writing a blog. Sadly, this adds to internet usage, which takes more energy than you probably think.

Of course, these are relatively small effects — but the whole point is that small effects add up.

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