Another Senator paddling backwards on climate (are we up a creek yet?)

News reports yesterday have the moderate Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), at a meeting in his home state, expressing firm opposition to EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases.  Here’s a link to the short video clip on YouTube.  Up in the air is whether this means he will support any of the formal measures being considered by the Senate to strip EPA of some regulatory powers under the Clean Air Act, such as Sen. Rockefeller’s proposal for a two-year delay in regulating GHGs from stationary sources. 

According to Greenwire (sub. req’d.), Baucus took the increasingly popular line that Congress, rather than an administrative agency, should be responsible for creating GHG policy and “deal[ing] with complex, multisource issues.”  Put aside for a moment the fact that EPA is merely acting as *already* directed by Congress, in its enactment of the Clean Air Act.  The real problem is that Congress seems incapable of dealing with this issue precisely because of its complexity and entanglement with multiple sources (aka multiple interest groups).  If we backpaddle and strip authority from the relatively sheltered agencies before any indication that Congress will, indeed, take action, aren’t we just up a creek?

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