More Oil and Coal, Less Nature and Clean Air

USA Today reports on a speech Perry is set to deliver about energy issues.  It’s a humdinger.  Here are the main points:

•Open federal lands to more energy exploration and production, including ANWAR and lands in the Mountain West – but not the Everglades, a tribute to Florida as a primary state. More offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and off the southern Atlantic coast.

•Approve pipelines to facilitate new energy fields, including the Keystone XL Pipeline.

•Suspend and reconsider many of EPA’s recent mandates and regulations, including rules designed to improve air quality. Repeal the EPA’s authority over greenhouse gases.

•Prohibit federal agencies reaching consent decrees with advocacy groups, forcing them to pursue lawsuits instead. (He also proposes special environmental courts and other measures to speed up litigation).

•Phase out all energy subsidies and tax incentives except a research and development tax credit available to all types of energy producers.

The litigation-related measures are somewhat novel, although it’s not clear how they would work.  The rest of the package could hardly be more predictable.

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  1. Dear Dan,
    Thanks for the update. Gov. Perry’s Energy Plan helps define and strengthen the overall Republican agenda, and may restore Perry’s popularity among likely voters. All of these proposals have been successfully implemented in Texas and this is why we lead the Nation in job creation. If these same policies were applied in California then there could be plenty of new jobs created in many sectors of the state’s economy. The citizens of California have learned that green jobs are a hoax, and they may be ready to vote for real jobs. Thank you Governor Perry.

  2. ya you are right Oil and Coal are become very harmful for nature and clean air, its good that you take some easy step to keep your environment clean and green, I also work for prevention and control of air pollution by become a pals.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong (specifics please), but none of Perry’s proposals have been implemented in Texas, unsuccessfully or otherwise. Wasn’t Perry talking about federal regulations, federal laws and federal policy?

    Sorry to harp, but why is Nation capitalized? Ditto for Energy Plan. Capitalize a word to make it sound important? Is this a conservative thing, or a Perry thing?

    Oh well, forget the grammar. Strip mine, baby, strip mine!

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