Failures of the Heart

Does anyone in the Administration actually care about police killings? Or public health? Or future generations?

“I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” That slogan embodies much about the Trump Administration. That includes Trump’s response to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing demonstrations. But it includes much else. Including police killings and the coronavirus.

“I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” is emblazoned on a jacket of Melania Trump’s. She wore the jacket on a trip to see children who had been torn away from their parents by immigration authorities.  The message seemed obvious. She later claimed she wasn’t referring to the children. If she did actually care about those children, it’s clear that no one else in the Administration did. No one from her husband on down cared about them, except maybe as a PR or legal problem. 

We see the same thing in the environmental area. It’s impossible to believe that Andrew Wheeler, the head of the EPA, actually cares a whit about children having asthma attacks or old people dying because of air pollution.  Of course,  someone could care deeply about those people but believe that regulation isn’t the answer.  Who could seriously say that that was true of Wheeler? Or of his predecessor Scott Pruitt (he of the $40,000 office phone booth)? Or of their boss in the White House?

The same is true about climate change. Again, it’s possible to care deeply about the welfare of future generations but believe that regulating fossil fuels isn’t the answer.  Does anyone think that this description applies to Trump? Or anyone else in the White House?

All of this pales in comparison to the Administration’s indifference to police brutality and killings.  Remember Trump’s advice that police bang suspects’ heads into the police car door frame when putting them inside? Who can be surprised where that attitude leads.

I once saw a medical headline that said “Living for Years Without a Heart is Now Possible.”  This Administration seems to be living proof of that.


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  1. Thank You, now keep ramping it up, we must have active leadership now because time is running out while problems are still getting further out of control.

  2. When are Legal establishment leaders going to to disbar Barr for his attacks against our Constitution, our Democracy and We The People?

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