Climate Change and “The Chosen One”

The plan of this messianic figure is clear — expanding fossil fuels and eliminating climate action.

A leading presidential candidate recently reposted a video that called him  the “Chosen One,” echoing the view of many of his followers that God has chosen him to lead the country. “And on June 14, 1946,” the video tells us, “God looked down on his planned paradise and said, ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God gave us Trump.”

What would a victory by the Chosen One in 2024 mean for climate policy?

In a speech in December, he said that wanted to be “dictator for a day” to build a wall and to “drill, drill, drill.” He has doubled down on claims that climate change is a hoax and mocks climate advocates for worrying about whether “the ocean will rise by 1/100th of an inch over the next 350 years.”

Former Trump staffers are heavily involved in the Heritage Foundation’s Project 25, an action plan for a new presidential term. The plan calls for repealing the Inflation Reduction Act’s multi-billion-dollar funding for clean energy, repealing EPA’s keystone finding that carbon emissions are harmful, opening new areas to oil and gas drilling, and installing climate deniers in key positions in the executive branch.

Trump’s own campaign website says he will:

   “Free up the vast stores of liquid gold on America’s public land for energy development”
    “Exit the horrendously unfair Paris Climate Accords”
   Rescind every one of Joe Biden’s . . .  anti-American electricity regulations”
   Provide tax relief [to] America’s oil, gas, and coal producers”
   End Biden’s insane CAFE fuel economy standard”

In case you didn’t catch the message, the website says the plan is to “DRILL, BABY, DRILL.”

Trump rolled back nearly every climate-related regulation in his first Term. A second presidential term would be less restrained, just as Trump himself has become less restrained in his anger at those he considers “enemies of the people.”

There will be fewer speed bumps to slow him down: The cadre of mainstream Republicans in Congress has been depleted, and the federal judiciary is now full of his appointees. And Trump will come into office with a much clearer roadmap, thanks to the Heritage Foundation.  As for respect for the rule of law, don’t forget the claim by Trump’s lawyers that as president he would be immune from prosecution even if he ordered the murder of a political rival.

Say what you will about Trump, no one can accuse him of hiding the ball. His intentions are perfectly clear, as befits the “Chosen One.”

What you see is exactly what we’ll get in a new Trump Administration: a dedicated effort to reverse progress on climate change and burn as many fossil fuels as possible.

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9 Replies to “Climate Change and “The Chosen One””

  1. Would Satan show up with horns and a tail, or would he try to claim that he was the Messiah and persuade many to follow him with easy, undemanding “solutions”?

    1. Old expression:

      The greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince people he didn’t exist.

      I believe the moral is that the “Devil is in the details.”

  2. Dan, this is the most important post you have ever made, too bad you “Pure” academics consider us “Impure” members of the public to be too irrelevant to communicate with because you have just documented facts that Trump is the greatest threat to the human race in history. As long as Trump keeps polling better than Biden we must produce another Churchill who can inform, educate and motivate us as our last hope for survival, something I learned when I took POL SCI 120A.

    1. You seem to have a lot of animosity towards the author that comes up regularly in your posts. Wondering if you could refrain from using this site for your battles – would appreciate it – thanks.

        1. Sorry if I upset you Karen, I’m just trying to make the right things happen in time so that our newest generations shall have an acceptable quality of life. I believe that Dan has the same motivation because he has made a lot of very important efforts over the decades to also make the right things happen. We both have grandchildren that motivate us to make the right things happen in time and Trump is making it almost impossible to protect the human race today.

          Best Wishes.

  3. Do you still pay for electricity and gasoline?
    Not us, our PV solar system has powered our household and electric cars for eight years now.

    WHY do you still pay for electricity and gasoline?

    1. Liar … and you can repeat that lie on as many forums as you want, and you know it’ll always be a lie.

  4. There are only five (5) fundamental “facts” that one needs to know to understand ‘climate change’:

    Fact 1: If one believes in anthropocentric global warming, aka the anti-human movement that was forced to change its name to “climate change”, then that person is in a “cult” and is a “cultist”.

    Fact 2: Every one of the anthropocentric global warming cultic priests hysterical assertions and predictions have been proven to be false or irrelevant or deliberate lies … not just a few, but every one. And “yes”, every one of the anthropocentric global warming cultic priests assertions and predictions have been hysterical in every sense of the word.

    Fact 3: Anthropocentric global warming cultists have surrendered all rationality and thinking ability, choosing instead to unquestioningly suck down the rancid pap the cultic priests are dishing out.

    Fact 4: As a result of cultists surrendering all rationality and thinking ability to the anthropocentric global warming cultic priests, cultists refuse to investigate the history of atmospheric CO2 content, glaciers or glacial research or planet Earth’s ice content, or world wide sea levels or sea level measurements, or continental uplift or subsidence, or, even the simplest of all, thermometers and thermal measurements.

    Fact 5: The anthropocentric global warming cultists and cultic priests are no different than the cultists or cultic priests at the Aum Shinrikyo, Branch Davidian, Heaven’s Gate, Peoples Temple, Solar Temple, or, or, or … they all “drank the coolaid”.

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About Dan

Dan Farber has written and taught on environmental and constitutional law as well as about contracts, jurisprudence and legislation. Currently at Berkeley Law, he has al…

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